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115 Main Street South, Minnedosa, Manitoba Canada R0J 1E0
Phone: toll free at 1-888-700-1119, or 204-867-5644
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rxnorth providing safe, reliable and quality Canadian drugs to the world. Online Pharmacy Prescription Drugs from Canada.

  • Home Page
    • Title - is a safe, easy and affordable alternative to Government health programs and your local drugstore. Ordering quality discount prescription medication and drugs from Canada is safe, affordable and simple.
    • Description - Save on discount prescription drugs from Canada with our licensed online Canadian pharmacy partner, Our Canadian drugstore partner offers discount prescriptions such as the most popular brand name and generic drugs.
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About RxNorth

  • President’s message
    • Title - Welcome to, a safe, easy and affordable alternative to Government health program coverage.
    • Description - Our Canadian pharmacy partner offers drugs at prices well below both retail prices at your local drugstore and Government health programs.
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  • Five Star Quality Assurance
    • Title - Every prescription drug order must pass our Five Star Quality Assurance Process, ensuring the safety of your affordable drugs.
    • Description - staff at our Canadian pharmacy partner, test, profile, validates, review and ship your safe and affordable prescription medication.
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  • Overview
    • Title - At, your safety and that of your discount Canadian prescription medication is important.
    • Description - Your Canadian prescription medication is of the highest quality, is regulated by government agencies and trade agreements, and safeguards your personal information.
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  • Product Safety
    • Title -, takes steps beyond your local pharmacy to ensure the safety of your prescription medication.
    • Description - Our Canadian pharmacy partner ensure quality control by shipping prescription medication for testing to Renhite Laboratories, an independent lab outside Chicago, Illinois.
    • Keywords - Prescription medication, Renhite Laboratories, integrity, promise, quality Canadian prescription medication.
  • Generic vs. Brand
    • Title - At, is committed to providing safe, high quality prescription medication at discount prices by offering the option of both affordable brand name drugs and affordable generic drugs.
    • Description - Affordable generic drugs and affordable brand name drugs are available, based in Canada. Generic drugs are similar to brand name drugs and may even be made by the same prescription drug manufacturer, according to the FDA.
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  • Information Security
    • Title - ensures prescription medication and drug safety as well as your safety, privacy and security through information technology, certification by Hacker Safe by ScanAlert and BBB.
    • Description -, our Canadian pharmacy and international pharmacy employs many methods to ensure the safety of our prescription medication and drugs. Personal information and privacy is safeguarded by by Hacker Safe by ScanAlert and the Better Business Bureau.
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  • 30 Day Price Guarantee
    • Title - offers savings on discount prescription medication with prices lower than Government health programs' coverage and guarantee prices for 30 days.
    • Description - Call and your price on prescription medication and prescription drugs is guaranteed for 30 days. Ordering drugs from Canada may be an alternative to Government health programs.
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  • The RxNorth Advantage
    • Title - Government health programs may be more expensive than our Canadian pharmacy partner
    • Description - Government health programs are expensive and complicated. Seniors may find to offer savings and simplicity in many different ways compared to Government health programs.
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  • How do I order?
    • Title - Ordering drugs from Canada is simple and hassle free with our toll-free phone and fax or online.
    • Description - Call, fax or order prescription drugs online. All orders must be accompanied by a prescription from a doctor and all customers must fill out four forms which are downloadable through our website or call and talk to one of our Customer Service Representatives.
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  • Drug Search
    • Title - Search for discount prescription drugs
    • Description - Ordering drugs online from Canada is simple using our drug search. Our Canadian pharmacy partner carry 1,800 of the top prescription drugs and deliver express mail to our customers.
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  • Place a refill
    • Title -, simplifies the online prescription drug refill process.
    • Description - Refilling prescription drugs from Canada is a simple process which can be done via four methods, phone, fax, upload or through our website.
    • Keywords - refill, prescription medication refill, prescription refill, Canada drugs.
  • Order forms
    • Title - Order drugs from Canada by filling out these downloadable forms from
    • Description - Downloadable forms are available and ensure ordering prescription medication and drugs from our online pharmacy is simple and easy.
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  • Shipping & Billing
    • Title - Our Canadian pharmacy partner uses a Five Star process to ensure your prescription medication is delivered right to you as quickly as possible.
    • Description - Ordering discount prescription drugs from Canada is a safe, simple way to save on prescription medication. accepts Visa or Mastercard.
    • Keywords - Visa, Mastercard, Five Star, Canada drugs, prescription medication, prescription drugs, express post, safe, free shipping. US currency.
  • Cancellation & Returns
    • Title - It is illegal for a Canadian pharmacy to accept returns on prescription drugs.
    • Description - strives to maintain customer service excellence and provide quality prescription drugs.
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  • Send a Prescription

Health & Wellness

  • Andropause
    • Title - Male menopause, also known as Andropause has been recognized as a medical condition since the 1940s although there is reluctance in some circles to acknowledge it.
    • Description - Information and resources on andropause and male menopause for men experiencing fatigue, irritability, decreased libido, memory loss and other physical changes and emotional changes.
    • Keywords - male menopause, andropause, impotence, testosterone, Viagra, mid-life crisis.
  • Flu/Tamiflu
    • Title - Flu season is upon North America, and media is once again publishing predictions of a flu pandemic and avian flu, otherwise known as bird flu.
    • Description - Description of Influenza A, Influenza B, tips for avoiding flu, pros and cons of getting the flu shot, history of the flu and flu pandemics including Spanish flu, avian flu, bird flu, tamiflu by Roche and other treatments for the flu.
    • Keywords - flu, influenza, avian flu, bird flu, flu pandemic, Spanish flu, Tamiflu, Roche, flu shot.

Info Center

  • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Title - Summary of the most frequently asked questions from our online Canadian pharmacy.
    • Description - Answers to questions about shipping, billing, procedures, policies, prescription medication.
    • Keywords - prescription medication, Canada drugs, drugs.
  • Media Inquiries
    • Title - Media Inquiries for RxNorth.
    • Description - Media contact information for
    • Keywords - media, contact,, RxNorth

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