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Depressed about diabetes?

Depressed about diabetesResearchers have discovered the link between diabetes and depression can be broken with the use of anti-depressant medication like Zoloft. Zoloft users were found to manage their diabetes better and have fewer depressive episodes.
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Stop time in its tracks

Stop time in its tracksFor those of us still searching for the fountain of youth, there are countless ways to maintain youthful looks and health throughout your life. From anti-aging creams to surgical methods – we’ve got the scoop on modern ways to look fabulous.
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Mixing it up

Mixing it upDo you PiYo? Hybrid fitness classes are all the rage for those looking for that little something to spice up their exercise regimen.

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The newest retro exercise craze taking the country by storm. Learn how to hula hoop again and become a hula hoop champion.

Food for thought

Food for thoughtYou might think you know, but do you really understand what nutritional labels mean?  The truth about what is behind all those numbers and how they can impact your family’s health.

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The Bald Truth – dealing with hair loss

The Bald TruthNeither hats nor heredity alone can cause hair loss. For the follicle-challenged there are many treatment and cosmetic options that might help reverse the appearance of hair loss.

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Daily Health News

Onions, garlic linked to lower cancer risks (Reuters)
People who flavor their diets with plenty of onions and garlic might have lower odds of several types of cancer, a new study suggests.

Health Tip: Take ADHD Medication as Prescribed (HealthDay)
Medications used to treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can be very effective if taken as prescribed by your doctor.

Health Tip: Fish is Good for Your Heart (HealthDay)
Adding fish to your diet can help reduce your risk of a heart attack. The American Heart Association recommends eating at least two servings a week of fatty fish, high in omega-3 fatty acids.

Ob/Gyn Group Urges Pregnant Women to Shun Paxil

Stop-and-Start HIV Treatment Too Risky

Pregnant Smokers May 'Prime' Their Kids to Smoke

Mammogram Via Satellite Helps Rural Women

Heavier Young Women at Lower Breast Cancer Risk

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